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HOPE CSA's chief program is its year-long course of instruction for pastoral leaders who desire to learn a more "organic" way of life and ministry, using the setting and culture of J.L. Hawkins Family Farm.  

The plan for year 2021 differs from past years in that it represents a response to restrictions brought about by the novel coronavirus pandemic. It is an attempt to offer a safe on-farm experience by allowing for precautionary measures such as remaining outdoors, social distancing, and mask-wearing as appropriate. See the 2021 syllabus for more information.

HOPE CSA also offers clergy coaching.  Click on the PROGRAMS link above to learn more.

HOPE CSA has helped me to see the connection between the working of nature and the ministry of being a shepherd to the flock God has called me to...

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A world sacramentally received in joy is a world sanely used." -- Joseph Sittler

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